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Class Schedule

September 2016

  • Any changes occuring in the schedule will always be effective on the 1st of every month.0
  • Please note that the items marked with a * are skills and require a separate subscription.
  • B: Beginner A: Advanced L: Level
  • Rip: Barbell Weight Training to Music
  • War : Kickboxing to music
  • Revolution: Indoor Cycling to Music
  • BOOT: Interval Training
  • Please note that all classes are 55 minutes
8:15 AM

Tawazon / Pilates Rima




Aerial Yoga Zeynep


BarreConcept Zeynep / Nada
9:15 AM


Sur3a Rima

Step Lilace

HIT /Shiddeh Rabab


Cycling Amineh

PowerStep / Atabeh Rabab

Interval Training Amineh

Harakeh / Ubound Rima / Rain


BarreConcept Salam (starts 11:00)

10:15 AM


Yoga Zeynep





Rip  Nada




Tawazon Rima




Rip Rabab


Nafas Rima

Qouwweh Rima

Rip Leen (Starts 12:00)


War Salam / Abeer
















3:30 PM
Hot Shots*


Fantastic Gymn (3-4)*

Fantastic Gymn (3-4)*

Fantastic Gymn (3-4)*


Fantastic Gymn (3-4)*




4:30 PM

Hips & Abs Salam

Gymnastics L 1*


Gymnastics  L1 (5-8)*

G.X Mix Amineh

Gymnastics L 1 (9+)*

Karate B*        Amer


Gymnastics  L 1 (5-8)*

G.X Mix Amineh



Gymnastics  L1*

Karate B*             Amer

Gymnastics L1(5-8)*





5:30 PM

Power Step / Atabeh Rabab

Gymnastics Vault L2*

Karate A & B*            Amer


20/20/20 Amineh

Floor Gymnastics L2 (5-8)*

Zumba Kids*   Sara


HIT /Shiddeh           Rabab

Floor Gymnastics l2 (9+)*

Karate A*      Amer



Zumba Kids *     Sara

BeamGymnastics L 2 (5-8)*


Fat Attack Rabab


Hips & Abs Amineh

Beam Gymnastics L2 (9+)*

Karate A*             Amer



VaultGymnastics L2*

Cocktail          Rabab (starts 5:00)




6:30 PM

Pilates    Dalia

Vault Gymnastics  L 5*



HARAKEH Rima / Rain / Alaa


Floor Gymnastics  L 3*

Zumba Kids* Sara

Power Step Salam

Cycling Rabab

Floor Gymnastics L 5*

Beam Gymnastics L 3*

Rip Rabab


Cycling Amineh

Ubound Rima


Beam Gymnastics L5*


Gymnastics L3&4*

BarreConcept Nada - Salam (starts 6:00)

7:30 PM

Vault Gymnastics  L6*





Rip Leen

Aerial Yoga Zeynep

Floor Gymnastics  L 4*

Floor Gymnastics L 6*

BarreConcept Nada / Dalia

War Salam

Aerial Yoga Zeynep

Beam Gymnastics L4*

Beam Gymnastics L6*

Pilates Zeynep

8:30 PM