Instructor Training Courses:

RIP-Revolution-Power Step-War-Boot

Do YOU want to become a group exercise instructor? Do you feel like you have what it takes to be an inspiration to others?

G.X Gym is proud to be the only gym in Jordan now certifying instructors in Group Rx Programs.

Group Rx RIP- A brand new workout for both men and women of all ages. Using barbell exercises to music, RIP presents an effective way to strength train the whole body and burn those calories!

Group Rx Revolution- Experience a 60-Minute workout cycling workout that will have you riding over hills and sprinting across flats in an interval training structure class! Revolution matches proven cycling principals and music to resistance levels, riding speeds and positions to maximize cardio training while having fun!

Group Rx Power Step- Is a 60-Minute step program designed to push your cardio edge into high gear and attack the legs in every plane of motion both on the step strengthens the heart, increases bone mineral density , improves coordination , and tones the lower body , with every step you take.

Group Rx WAR- Makes a full attack on obesity and inactivity . It gets you off the couch , out of your office , and into an exhilarating total body workout where a fusion of martial arts meets chart-topping music . Lace up and be prepared to kick out stress , and win the war on gaining strength , heart - lung function and flexibility.

Group Rx BOOT - is a unique brand in the Group Rx family. A 60-minute fusion of cardio, strength, balance & flexibility, it increases strength and heart/lung function, improves posture and increases flexibility. The objective is to continually “shock” the body, as research demonstrates that it is the most efficient and effective way to improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight and build muscle. The endless variety of exercises ensures that no two classes are the same and that every workout feels new and exciting! BOOT is for all able-bodied people of all ages. Varied intensity levels allow beginners to successfully work alongside high-level athletes.

For more information, or registration, give us a call. Don’t miss your chance to become a certified G.X Instructor!